Best All Natural and Organic Soap Bar

Hello friends!  I'm asked often what my favorite natural soap bar is of the handmade soap bars I make here at Smith Farmhouse Co., or what I believe to be the "best natural soap bar."  Honestly, with so many claiming "natural" bar soap options on the market, finding a GOOD quality soap without hidden ingredients but truly natural ingredients can be a bit of a challenge.  

So today, I will be shedding some light on this and breaking down what elements make a truly GREAT organic and natural soap bar. I'm also sharing what I believe to be our most soothing and hydrating bar (this is truly one of the best natural bar soaps on the market). In my humble opinion ;) 



A truly GREAT organic body bar will be:

  1. Made with all organic ingredients. 

    The best natural soap bar will include organic ingredients such as shea butter, organic coconut oil, and pure natural essential oils to make up the body. These components not only do the job of cleansing, but also nourish the skin. This makes natural bar soap an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or dry skin conditions (a HUGE reason we love it here in my home). There are no worries or questions about what we are putting on our family's skin! 

  2. Made in small batches that are carefully & intentionally crafted. 

    Truly organic soaps will almost always be made in small batches. Every batch we pour here at Smith Farmhouse Co. is overseen by yours truly! I know every detail of every ingredient we use. This approach ensures attention to detail, allowing for the inclusion of premium ingredients like castor oil, organic shea butter, and mango butter. The result is a creamy lather that indulges the senses and truly cares for the skin.

  3. Made via cold-process method. 

    Cold-process bar soap allows the natural ingredients to be retained better, thus ensuring the natural quality throughout the soap making process. This also helps to extend the life of the natural soap bar. As a bonus, this method allows the formula to be customized so it can be even more gentle on skin. 

  4. Free from harmful chemicals. 

    Many commercial soaps can actually cause skin irritation or allergic reactions due to harsh chemicals. There will never be any synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals in a truly organic natural bar of soap. The best natural soap bar uses clean formulas and all clean ingredients. Lauryl sulfate, synthetic chemicals, and other harmful ingredients are replaced with plant-based oils, creating a natural exfoliant that promotes healthy skin without irritation.

  5. Only scented with natural fragrances (essential oils).

    As opposed to store-bought commercial soap that is often filled with synthetic fragrances and artificial fragrances for scent, the best natural soap bars will be scented only with all natural ingredients and essential oils. They will also only be made with natural colorants such as beet root, turmeric, madder root, Australian red clay, etc. This makes truly natural soap a great option for all skin types. From invigorating notes of tea tree to the soothing aroma of lavender, handcrafted, all natural soaps cater to different preferences. 

  6. Made with ethical practices

    The best natural soap bars will not be tested on animals or use ingredients that are tested on animals.   

  7. Filled with extra benefits. 

    Going beyond just cleansing, the best natural soap bar incorporates soothing and beneficial, all natural ingredients. These additions provide extra benefits such as hydration, antioxidants, and gentle exfoliation, contributing to an enhanced skincare experience.

    While all of our organic bar soap is made with the gentlest of ingredients, our beloved Honey Lemon Lavendar bar is AMAZING for a thick lather and a good choice for extra hydration. Not only does this bar smell INCREDIBLE with natural scents, but it has a rich lather and soothing properties, such as oatmeal, for dry skin. Honey is also a humectant and helps to attract water to the surface of your skin; leaving you feeling extra moisturized. The lavender helps to calm and nourish, while also re-building collagen. This bar is truly EVERYTHING you want from natural soap and is our family's favorite!

    Here at Smith Farmhouse Co., it is just as important to me to craft quality products as it is truly NATURAL products. Safe, natural, and TRULY good for your skin!  Please feel free to have a look around our shop or reach out with any questions. 

    Sara of Smith Farmhouse Co.